We certainly do not hide behind the fact that we here at Digital Techs are passionate about anything and everything e-commerce. We have over a decade of experience working with both small and large e-commerce companies. We have created our very own e-commerce stores and grown them to be larger stores that are producing a profit.

Designing Ecommerce websites

We can help design that perfect e-commerce store that directly reflects who you are as a company and what product or service you offer. When we first take on a client we meet with you to understand who you are, how you got started, what makes you unique, and what products you offer. We might annoy you with how many questions we ask as we truly try to get to know you as a person as well as a company. This helps us as we begin to design your website so we can make sure that we write and design content that is in your “voice” and customers can understand.

We then go and do our own research to understand your competitors, your industry and your demographic. We want to make sure the e-commerce website that we are designing and setting up for you, is the absolute best experience for your customers to ensure they convert and are happy with their experience.

Managing Ecommerce website

As you may have already seen, there are many different ecommerce platforms out there that you can choose from to use for your website. Some of the platforms that we have experience using are:

Some of these platforms we have used in past lives and are at the enterprise level. Some of them are antequated and probably not a viable options to use anymore. The point was to show that there is no ecommerce problem that we can’t help solve due to us using and understanding so many of the ecommerce systems out there.

We can help manage your website and continually optimize your website. This includes product management, photo editing and manipulation, banner creation, SEO and many other tasks that happen on a daily basis to keep an ecommerce website running and improving.

Ecommerce website consulting

Because of our extensive experience in the ecommerce world, we can take a single website and go through as many customer journeys and paths that we can find so we can help understand what needs to be improved and what could be stopping customer conversion. The conversion roadblocks can sometimes be small and seem silly, but when all those small conversion blockers get added up, you start to have customers dropping off at different stages on your website. The idea is to have a well tuned an oiled ecommerce website so there is no reason your customers don’t convert by the dozens.

We want to help your e-commerce website improve and increase in revenue. Reach out to us today to see how we can help design a new ecommerce website, manage your current e-commerce website, or help consult and how you can improve your site.

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