E-Commerce Design & Management

This is easily one of our more favorite areas of the digital world! With 10+ years in e-commerce design, development and management we can help find the best platform for your business that helps accelerate your growth and fits in your budget. While most e-commerce platforms accomplish the same goal of selling to your customers, they all do it very differently and have different options for the administration side of things, as well as for the customer front-end experience. There is also a wide range of cost depending on the platform.

We have a passion for e-commerce and helping take the idea you might have in your head of what your website looks like and making that a reality. We will design your e-commerce website and keep you as invovled as you want to be. This is one of our favorite parts as we go through each customer journey on the website to ensure there are no roadblocks to them converting on your website.

E-Commerce Management

After your website is designed and launched, the real work begins in keeping the website fresh and updated and running smoothly. This involves keeping products updated and well merchandised with quality images and descriptions, making sure they are searchable through the navigation and website search function, and more. Keeping a website relevant and updated also includes running promotions or creating banners that show your website is being updated and managed. If a website appears dormant for too long that is detractor for some customers to wanting to make a purchase. We can help manage all of those tasks to help ensure your website is at the top of it’s game.

We use data from the e-commerce platform itself as well as free tools like Google Analytics to make sure that your customers are able to convert and make sure there are not any roadblocks. The data that we use can also help us find the best channels for your business so you can maximize those marketing dollars or efforts. There is so much that can be done with data that we get excited just thinking about it.

2A Friendly E-Commerce Platforms

As we have helped many companies that are in the 2A industry (second ammendment or firearms industry) we are aware of the issues surrounding e-commerce platforms removing your website from the internet and making it unavailable to your customers. We know which platforms are 2A friendly and also fit in your budget, as many of the 2A focused e-commerce platforms are very expensive.

Reach out to us if you have an e-commerce question or project you want some help on!

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